There’s a reason we serve from small, regional businesses to large, international franchises. It’s because that’s exactly what we do – we serve the needs of our customers. If your business is interested in carrying Imperial Drifter products, get a hold of us! We love making new friends and establishing communities.

We’ve built our business by understanding the needs and opportunities of small, mid-size and large retailers. And since we’re from Michigan, we’re in the perfect position to bring you the grooming products your customers need and love. To us, our customer relationships are real partnerships and we work hard to deliver benefits that go way beyond the basics.

Our product scent-offerings vary to different types of folks. We have spent endless hours not only perfecting each variety, but making them unique enough to stand alone from one another with their own individuality.

Whether you own a few retail stores, manage a bar, run a small local mercantile shop, manage a resort gift shop or a large chain, The Imperial Drifter Grooming Company has both the products and fresh business perspective you need to be successful. We share our insights, extensive experience and great ideas to help you grow with your own customers' changing tastes and needs.

If your business is interested in carrying Imperial Drifter products, please email us and we will send you a line sheet and answer any questions you may have.