We'd like to introduce you to our most famous Drifters who love and use our products.  Whether they are traveling the country or around the world, you can be sure that Imperial Drifter goes along with them.




Benjamin was the original founder of Imperial Drifter, creating a brand that stands out when it comes to natural men's grooming products.  Hikes along rough terrain and loamy paths, coupled with camping amidst the earth's own fragrant plants, brought him the ideas for the design modules behind our products.

In 2016, Benjamin turned over the reins of Imperial Drifter to Sue so that he could focus more on our Him 4 Her program through his charitable company that he also founded with his wife, Amanda.  This not-for-profit company, called The Lovin' Soap Project, allows Benjamin and Amanda to travel the world to train women in impoverished countries so that these women are able to learn a trade and make a better life for themselves and their children.

Benjamin also proudly runs his coaching company called Inspired Odyssey where he helps entrepreneurs get their business off to a solid running start or helps existing businesses grow and get to the next level.  His coaching allows him to be mobile and driftworthy and you can check out more about his company at:

Benjamin remains a backseat driver here at Imperial Drifter as we work together to let the world know about the Lovin' Soap Project and about the benefits of our all natural grooming products.

Finally, Benjamin and Amanda just ended their lease on their home, sold or donated everything they have and bought a conversion van as they embark on one of the biggest drifting excursions ever, traveling the country, living off of the land and enjoying a simpler way of life that we all long for and crave.  We can't wait to hear about their adventures and we'll be updating you about them on our blog!




Jeff is an extremist when it comes to the Drifter life.  Camping in subzero temperatures with his wife, Julie, scaling mountains, and also traversing rough terrain in the most challenging weather, Jeff is a real outdoorsman who inspires each of us to get out there and seek all things natural, wild and exciting!

Jeff is always looking around the next bend for another adventure and our drifter products keep his beard tame and and his hair well coifed, even for the Indiana Jones type that he is.  When asked to tell our drifter fans a bit about himself, he responded with, "I like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain.  I am into yoga, and I have half a brain. I like making love at midnight, in the dunes of the cape..."  Well OK, then.  Glad you found Julie.  You're going to want to keep her around. 




John has been on the drifter scene for years!  Whether it be hiking with his two dogs, motorcycling across the country or driving his big transport truck to deliver vintage cars and Harleys, he's been around the block a few times and he's damned proud of it!  Despite calling the great state of New York his home, he definitely likes to keep his options open and his transport business keeps him on the move.

The only one of our drifters who is single, John likes to meet new people and does just that as often as possible.  He is a guy who loves his dogs and his two big pups, Nick and Hank, are always by his side.  Even while traveling and transporting vehicles, those two crazy hounds are with him all the way.

John, who some liken to a more adventurous younger version of Sean Connery, likes Buffalo-style chicken wings, rough terrain and Imperial Drifter's beard oils.  He loves working on cars, bikes and the American Dream and is always up for a challenge.




Sue took over Imperial Drifter in December 2016 when her friend, Benjamin, announced his plans to begin a new chapter in his life.  Seeing the opportunity, Sue purchased Imperial Drifter in order to continue offering the best natural products for the men's grooming industry. 

Despite living in the beautiful state of Michigan for over 20 years, Sue loves traveling to her home state of New York as often as she can to visit family where she and her husband own a home on a mountainous five acres near Honeoye Lake (seen here in the background of this photo).  Sue and Russ kayak on Honeoye Lake and enjoy long hikes in the woods and mountains there. 

The dynamic duo, whose primary residence is in the Metro Detroit area, also love exploring paths and rivers that abound in that area and have been known to set up a tent in their backyard with their grandson or head out to camp near Lake Huron. 

Sue's sister company, ArtiSun Bath & Skin Care, was born 8 years ago when her grandson, Liam, was only six months old.  Not wanting to put naughty chemicals on his skin, and after an exhaustive search to find such a product, she began making her own soap.  The rest is, as they say, history.  Sue is thrilled to have two successful companies that care about others and it's obvious in the products they create.